Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gloomy Tuesday!

It likes like we are in for clouds, clouds, clouds, rain, and cold for the next couple days.  Yuck! Today looks pretty gloomy, which stinks after it turned out to be so nice yesterday.  It rained, then the sun came out, and then it got cloudy and rained later but when I left work it was so warm! Low 70s. Then the rain started and it dropped. And dropped some more.  This morning, when I came to work, it was pretty chilly.  I haven't been outside yet to see what it's like now, but man does it look gloomy out! I'm happy that it's not snowy and super cold but I am seriously ready for it to be a little warmer (we've had some teases and now I'm like "okay, just get to it...") and some sunshine.

 My schedule is pretty crazy today... Not much time at lunch to do a workout. At least not the workout that I like because I don't have time to do that, shower, eat, and get back to work.  I did have a cancellation before the group that I do so I'll have time for a walk then - but still nothing intense because I don't have time to shower too.  I was going to get up early to at last do some Turbofire but didn't sleep well last night, so that didn't happen.  So far the day is winning! BUT I will get that walk in later, even if it has to be on the treadmill.  I am usually home a little after eight so I won't have time to do anything intense (unless I want to be energized and unable to sleep), but I think I'll do some arm work.  I can handle a good 30 or so minutes of arms; maybe make it a little longer and do some ab work too. We shall see.

I need to get back on the weight training road. I've focused so much on running and cardio because of that half that I have gotten away from that. I love squats, lunges, and leg day in general (okay that's a love-hate relationship) but I'm not going to add that in for a while. It'll be upper body.  I'm really trying to not stress my legs too much because I am planning on another half marathon soon. I find that if I do leg day and try to run, it decreases my running performance. I'll start adding some leg work into my routine, but it won't be a full-blown leg day like I'd been doing. I don't want to avoid leg day completely even though running does work those muscles.  I guess I just like the extra  - and running doesn't hit ALL of the muscles so there's room for some exercises.  Anyway, I'm going to work on a plan at lunch, starting with arms and abs and see where it goes from there. My schedule at work is super busy so I need to make sure I can do strength work on days I do maybe Turbofire or other cardio, but when I can also fit it in. It'll likely be shorter periods in the evenings.  There's always time to fit something in.... I just have to put the puzzle together!

As of this morning I'm down almost 20 pounds. It was a loss of 19.8 so I'm hoping to be over that 20 pounds lost mark by the end of the week. I continue to eat healthy and eat mostly clean. I do have some foods that aren't clean here and there but I'm really trying to focus on healthy stuff more frequently (like I used to do). And of course, continued exercise.   Apparently the combo is working again since I am losing. Yay! I love being back on the weight loss road.  I'm hoping I will reach where I want to be (no specific goal; but a general one) by my Birthday (basically the end of the year). If I continue on this track and with the loss, I'll be there before then. But since I know things like plateaus occur, I'm giving myself a longer period of time. Plus if I say I'll do it by fall, then I tend to stress more and the pressure builds which sometimes leads to failure. So my goal is by December. This is realistic for me.

Tomorrow is the last day of my Plexus Slim trial. I haven't really noticed any changes that others report yet, but I am still keeping an open mind.  Obviously I've had some weight loss (a few pounds), but I don't attribute that to just Plexus.  I was already working for that and losing prior to starting this. I just wanted to see what changes it may do for my body.  I'll be taking measurements the day after my trial ends...Or I plan to. It could be a busy morning so that might not happen until Friday morning. Anyway, though, measurements and a post about the experience and results will happen later this week.

I suppose that's about it for now...


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