Thursday, April 21, 2016

Plexus Trial

I have a few friends currently selling Plexus. One was offering a free trial of their Slim product so I decided I'd give it a try. I'm all about testing a product. I'm already doing things that are healthy and working to lose weight (again). So, if you read the final report, please keep that in mind. As with any similar product, I'm sure the results are best see when combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and lots of water drinking. So, the results that I see may be different than someone who just takes the drink with no other lifestyle changes.

I started today with the Slim and one of the vanilla P96 shakes. Apparently a lot of people use the two together. The typical combination is the Slim, P96, some berries, and coconut milk. I generally have a protein shake in the morning for breakfast anyway (quick and easy - and I'm not a big breakfast eater) so this isn't a change for me. I read on the Slim package that you can do it twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal. I have a seven day trial that includes seven packets so I'll just be using it once a day. This may cause my results to be different than someone using it twice a day.  Anyway, so I'm currently out of my almond milk (not that much different than coconut milk, in my opinion) so I made mine with water.  I used the Vanilla shake, Slim has a berry flavoring to it, I added strawberries, and water.I felt that mine was a bit tart compared to my usual shakes (however I use chocolate powder, fruit, sometimes peanut butter, and almond milk). It actually reminded me of a cherry banana smoothie I tried at the race expo last week (only that was better).

Obviously Slim is to help with weight loss, and I've seen varying results as far as that's concerned. I have read a lot of information about how it helps the body in other ways, which people are really loving. I am, admittedly, a skeptic. I'm a firm believer in the proven fact that there is no magic pill. It is really about a lifestyle change. You have to eat healthy, drink water, and throw some exercise in the mix (although diet is the biggest part). Do that and you'll see results (unless you have a medical issue which you should address with your doctor). I'm not a believer in quick fixes or short cuts.  Like with anything, you have to put in the work to get the results.

I am also a little on the cheap side. I'm a former Shakeology drinker and quit because... It didn't seem to be the amazing miracle that others said it was. It also got clumpy if it sat too long which I didn't like because I'm a sipper. Anyway, I couldn't justify the price. Slim is pretty pricey for a month (in my opinion). But I am willing to go into this with an open mind and give it a chance to see if it will, at least, make me feel as awesome as people seem to be saying. I don't buy into anything without proof - proof that I find on my own. My mind isn't easily influenced by the power of persuasion. So, I'll try it and see what it does.

As far as weight, my friend said not to expect much within the time period. In fact she tells her customers not to weigh for the first month.  She mentioned something, and I'm sure this is information provided by the company, about fat converting to muscle.  According to things I've read on other sources, that just does not happen. You can burn fat. You can build muscle.  But one cannot become the other.  I have not read any of the information Plexus has put out about this (yet) so all I have to go on is what I've read from other sources which consistently say that fat does not convert to muscle.  This could be a matter of wording or interpretation (as in she may have meant something other than the way I read it). BUT, I didn't want to come off as being a rude know-it-all by questioning that, So, I will see what the company says about that.  Anyway, for whatever reason people tend to not see weight loss.  In many of the reviews I've read, people have actually gained weight. Side note: I found this to be the case with Shakeology (used as a meal replacement) and so did a couple of my friends who tried it.  For this reason I took both measurements and weight today and will check in a week to see if anything of note has occurred. I don't expect much in a week but if the company offers trials, I'd assume some form of change is seen or felt in that time. I hope that I continue to see a weight loss since I'm already working to do so. A gain would definitely not be welcome or desired right now. But I am willing to see how it makes me feel.

I only had one sample of the P26 shake and had that today.  I can say that it was good. Similar to other shakes.  The price point for the shake is pretty consistent with other shakes, even those you can buy at the drug store. I could see myself trying this more long-term to use as I use my current protein powder.

I will report back in a week to share any changes and my full, honest, informed review of Plexus Slim. I can say that, at this point, I may purchase the powder next time I am out of my current powder.

In other news, workouts are going good - all that muscle soreness is finally working it's way out of my body.  I expected that. I was pretty sore after my two longer runs during train (10 and 12 miles). I have a 5K this weekend and will most likely do either a 5K or 10K in a few weeks.  My next half is planned for September, however I may consider one in July. I feel like September is a long way away. That's good because it gives me time to train, but I also want to be sure I don't get too far off with consistency. Having a goal to work toward keeps me motivated.

That's that for now... Hope life finds you well!


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