Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I think Spring has finally arrived! Yay! I'm ready to get outside and do some things. I hate the cold. I hate the ice and snow (or more falling on it; or the the idea of falling). We haven't had a lot of that lately but the cold...Ohhhh the cold.  I get so completely chilled to the bone that I have trouble getting warm.  I cannot stand being cold.  Anyway, so I have not wanted to do much exercise (running) outside because it's cold. I'm so over the cold.  It needs to go away, like yesterday. I'm getting tired of the treadmill.  Good news! We are expecting a warm up this week - and it looks like it should last this time.  Or at least for the next couple weeks.... Let's hope it does not snow anymore.  

Anyway, so other than being ready to run outside, things are going well! I have a half marathon coming up in a few days (Sunday) and feel pretty good about it.  I'm a little nervous because my training has been on the treadmill (which likes to stop randomly; I'm sure I've mentioned that before). So I have these random short breaks where I just stand there because the treadmill is being a jerk... Otherwise the training has been going well.  I'm glad I deferred my February race because I definitely was not ready. My runs were a lot harder back in November and December, at a slower pace. I remember doing either eight and-a-half or nine miles and it was....Horrible.  I did that a few weeks ago and it definitely was not as bad.  My longest training run has been 12.5 miles and because of the treadmill it took way longer than it should have. I didn't take any huge breaks so I don't think it will have a huge impact on my training.  

Last weekend I was going for 10 but I was so sick of the treadmill (and it was another snow and ice morning day), I just could not stay on that long. I felt this weird anxiety... Not the kind of anxiety you feel in your stomach when you're worried.  This was a "I'm going to crawl out of my skin" type of feeling. And I felt it in my back.  Weird.  I think I managed five before I threw in the towel and called it good.  The last time I did ten miles, it felt good. The day I did 12.5; not as much but not too awful...And 12.5 is almost 13.1 so I think I'll survive. I'm not going for a PR or anything... At this point, just finishing will make me a happy runner.

I'm feeling pretty good about the race - and confident that I will be able to finish without too many problems... Or death.  I've tested shoes, clothes, nutrition. I've run long distances. I've worked on walk breaks.  I've been drinking more water than on past runs which means I've had some potty breaks.  Even with quick trips built in, I should be fine with the time limit.  I always stress about that pre-race.  Then I run and it relaxes me and I just go with it and enjoy it. I suppose it being my first half in a little over three years, it's common to worry about everything. 

In other news, I have focused on weight loss a bit more. It was weird. I noticed an 11 pound drop when I started.  When I weighed-in the next time I had gained about half back.  So I worked harder and lost that again after a couple weeks. Thank goodness.  And I've continued to lose. My goal for approximately two months (a bit ambitious) was to lose 20 lbs (by race day).  Today I am at 15 pounds lost, I'm happy with that. I'm confident I'll be down another pound or two by race day... Not quite 20 but close enough to make me happy.  As I said, 20 was ambitious but it gave me something to work toward.  It feels really good to be back on the losing track again!! 

I've been exercising, of course, and really worked to clean up my diet.  Last week and this week I'm trying to go as clean as possible because the race is coming up. It's more to make sure I'm full of the right foods so that I'm properly nourished (and hydrated) for Sunday.  I've upped my proteins, fruits, and veggies a lot; no snacks, no alcohol (not that I am a big drinker - waste of calories!). 

I suppose that's that. Things have been hectic  lately - work and training! I will for sure be back next week with a race report (if not before).



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