Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This is a LITTLE Late: Plexus Slim Review. Results not Typical....?

As you may (or may not depending on whether you've read before) know, I did a trial of Plexus Slim that ended last week Thursday. I weighed and measured before. I paid attention to my body. Summed up in one sentence, a seven day trial was not enough for me to notice any changes. This does not mean that others haven't experienced something else.  The thing to keep in mind is that I was already eating clean (probably about the 80/20 that I strive for) and exercising routinely. I had started just after completing a half marathon. A half marathon itself can really do strange things to your body.

Weights and measures.
As far as measurements; no changes. However I didn't really expect any changes. When I've done measurements in the past, I've done so monthly because weekly is excessive. Changes in body composition and a loss of inches aren't typically seen that frequently. Weight is a bit harder to figure out.  My weight after the half marathon was up two pounds. Here's what my half marathon weekend looked like - carb loading the night before. Depletion of sodium, fluids, and whatever else during the half. It was ugly (running is always ugly for me).  I was soaked in sweat. I had those white lines that I thought were the body glide, but my friend informed me were lines for sodium loss, on my pants.  I was pretty interested about that and took to Google.  I'm a salty sweater. That day, post-race, included eating out again. Meals out contain a lot of sodium and considering I'd just lost a bunch, it was needed. However, who knows how much sodium exactly is lost or gained... Not me, that's for sure. I bloat when I run. My fingers looked like sausages. My hands were almost as big as my boyfriend's. I do not typically have large hands.  Right before I started my trial, I put my body through the ringer, doing my longest run in three years (training runs were 10 and 12 miles; the second and third longest runs in three years).  Whatever the reason, my weight was up two pounds.  It was gone by the end of that week and even less after the trial... As of last Friday (30th) I was down five pounds compared to the Monday after the half (18th). Given the crazy race effects on my body, I was actually down three pounds compared to what I had been the Friday before.

I really cannot say whether Plexus Slim had an impact on my weight during that time because the half caused my body to do strange things and I'd already made changes.  My weigh-in day isn't until Friday but I anticipate continued loss given my dietary changes.  Some will say that Plexus is meant to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise, which is the reason it promotes loss. Again, I was losing before (down 20 pounds, FYI! Wooooo!!) so I don't know how much Plexus played a roll in that. I've heard that people don't typically lose that quicky when using it; some even gain weight. So, take my experience as that... My experience.

PS (I decided to abbreviate) is supposed to help you sleep better. I was sleeping pretty well before and didn't notice a change in my sleep patterns either way.  Fitbit says I was just as restless while drinking the pink drink as I was prior to that.  My 3-5 hours a night was the same.
NOTE: I do sleep more than 3-5 hours.  Fitbit tracks restlessness which is probably every time I move.  I move a lot.  I am still sleeping the 20-30 some times it tells me I'm restless.  Sometimes I awaken, but again there were no changes there.

My sleep patterns were not influenced by PS.

Overall Body Feeling.
I honestly didn't feel any different after my seven days of using PS. It's said to increase energy, but I didn't see a change. However, I'd seen an increase in energy before that due to other changes. My appetite was unchanged.  I ate about the same as I had before PS; mostly clean, healthy, nourishing foods.  I try to eat every few hours so that I don't get too hungry (and because that's supposed to be better for the body). I had my typical morning shake and coffee (I added the PS to my shake all but one day). Lunches and dinners varied a bit but are typically about the same in terms of calories.  I sometimes eat freezer "diet" meals for lunch because they're convenient. Or dinner leftovers.  I might make something else...  The point is that I don't think my eating habits changed much.  Maybe I was less hungry a couple times but those could've been days I didn't drink my usual amount of water (which keeps me full). I did feel like I was peeing a lot more than usual, which apparently it can do. My friend said that it's how PS gets all the yucky stuff out of your system. I do think I'm just being more aware of my water intake. I mean, even today I feel like I'm peeing a lot. Which I am because I drink a lot. So that may not have really been the PS.

I'd say overall, I cannot say after my seven day trial was well.... Anything. It could be because of the changes I'd already made.  Most people are supposed to make changes when starting PS.  I also had the funky body stuff doing on after the half.

I will say that it wasn't bad. I actually liked it when mixed into my protein shakes. It gave it a little extra flavor which I enjoyed. I wasn't a fan when I drank it on its own, but my friend said she likes hers to be REALLY cold.  It had a sweet taste and aftertaste and she said most people don't say that. Maybe I'm weird - or I don't have much sweet stuff so I responded differently. Or it wasn't cold enough. At any rate it was good.  Will I spend money on it? Probably not.  For me it would basically be extra flavor for my shakes.  It is not a miracle weight loss answer; even if it might be marketed that way. It is supposed to be used with clean eating and exercise. It is helpful in some as far as making them feel better in general however that could also be because of clean eating and exercise. As I said I didn't see those same differences.

I loved the protein shake (P96) and it's comparable to my current shake as far as cost and ingredients. That is something that I would purchase.

So that's my experience with Plexus Slim....I suppose I'd say I'm neutral. Nothing exceptional for me but nothing horrible either.

Hope you're doing well!