Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Month...!?

I've been busy.  Super busy lately.  It seems like time has gone by very quickly.  I'm going to give quick run down of what I've been up to and will write a more detailed post later.

In the last month I have....

1. Lost more weight. Not as much as I could have (or feel I could have) in a month. But I'm down five more pounds. My weight loss had plateaued for a bit and within the last couple week. It's been moving again. I've added some more light activity so maybe that little bit of extra has made it move again. I've also been trying to vary my routine more, which typically helps break plateaus. Slow loss is okay but in a month I'd have ideally lost 10 pounds.  I would have accepted eight. But I'm happy it's moving again.  Any loss is good.

2. Run a 10K.  I wasn't ready for the 25K at Riverbank, especially after Gazelle Girl in April.  The morning of Riverbank was cold, which I was happy about. It had rained but it wasn't raining at race time. It was windy which I didn't enjoy but it wasn't bad and didn't slow me down too much. I felt really good after the race. I'm still slower than I used to be and have some speed work to do to get faster (which I hope will improve with continued weight loss). It was a good race and I felt good about things.  I had started half marathon training again so the 10K was before my long run was scheduled but that was okay; I have varied my runs since then. I missed my seven mile run last weekend (due to biking 14 miles instead and out of control allergies the next day) but I have eight on the agenda this week. I'm usually okay up to 10...It's over 10 that I need to work on so missing one seven mile run should be okay.

3. Gotten back into biking again. I started cycling challenge to raise awareness and benefit kids with cancer. I have a goal to ride 100 miles in the month of June and people can sponsor/donate. It's the Great Cycle Challenge. On days things aren't hectic (or cold, or rainy..)  I plan on riding to and from work which will give me a minimum of two miles a day. On a day where I could work it, that would be four with going to/from lunch. I also plan on a long ride every other weekend (at least) to see my Grandparents, plus other rides throughout the week. As of now I'm sitting at 20 miles. 80 miles in 23 days (including today) isn't bad.  I have a short tempo run to do this evening and will most likely at least ride a few miles... At a comfortable pace I can do five in half an hour so it's not like it takes much time out of my day.

I suppose that's the short version of my health and fitness update.

I saw this awesome video today and feel like people should check this out - and the awesomeness of this woman, Dana Falsetti! She seems like such a strong, confident woman.

Hope you're doing well!