Thursday, December 28, 2017

How Does Time Go By So Darn Fast?!

It's been almost two weeks since my last post! How does that even happen? I guess I've been so busy I just haven't taken the time! The holiday season will do that, I guess.

So....What's new? I'm down seven pounds. I have been "loosely" following the Keto way of life. I say loosely because I'm not perfect. At this point though, just a reduction in carbs has obviously helped. I was a little off but not de-railed during Christmas. I had some carbs but I didn't over-indulge.  Of the four Christmases I went two, only two had typical holiday meals.  One was sandwich and snacks and the other was similar with hors d'oeuvre style food. No desserts at two of four.  I had two small brownie bites at one of the dinners.  I made a lot of gifts this year so I didn't make my typical mountain of various sweets for gifts so those weren't around to tempt me. I got a few little candy things in with gifts but nothing extreme.  No boxes of candy canes to deal with. 

Having two puppies, I decided that a Christmas tree and my typical decor were a big "NO" this year.  They get into everything. Rocky likes to find absolutely everything he should not have. He's almost four months. Wrigley started settling down around that time so I'm hoping Rocky will too. He's a Boxer though, and I know how those little stinkers are! They can be puppy-like into their senior years! He's adorable and hilarious and even though he's a little mischievous now, I wouldn't trade him for the World. He will get, at least, a little better as he gets older. Wrigley still likes to steal socks and random objects but isn't into as much as Rocky is. However, Wrigley just turned six months and is maturing.... He's starting to pee on everything that's not familiar to him.  He even tried to pee on some Christmas gifts.  I think he succeeded in doing so on one present. Thank goodness it's for my favorite little girl.... And it's a doll so it's in a box. I really hope that in another month or two his marking behavior will be drastically reduced (post-neutering).  So, wild puppies helped me to stay on track with eating.  Workouts were way off track....

I haven't worked out much in, ohhhh the last week!! Rare for me! I was so busy with pre-Christmas crafts, shopping, wrapping, and work, that I was packing too much in and workouts are what suffered. Over the Christmas weekend I didn't do much of anything has far as working out. If only running around like a crazy woman burned calories! I think worked out last Friday morning and that was it until Tuesday. Yesterday was insanely busy soooo my workout was non-existent then too. I just didn't manage my time well enough and was exhausted after work last night. Today has a much better outlook and I anticipate being back on track now. Tuesday's workout left me feeling pretty great which made not working out yesterday even more of a let down. 

I recently started participating in a local running group. I did a run a few weeks ago with them and then Tuesday was my second. I honestly thought that I probably wouldn't do much with the group because... WINTER.  Let me tell ya 'bout me and winter. We are not friends.  It's no secret that my winter running is on the treadmill.  I've trained for half marathons throughout the winter on that dang thing. Let's remember, I am slow... That, at times, equals hours (up to three!) on the treadmill. Do you have any idea how boring that is? Sometimes being on the treadmill actually gives me anxiety; the kind where your skin feels crawly and you're just like "omg I can't!!" and have to take a break. So... Tuesday. I did a thing. Correction - I did a CRAZY thing.  I ran with run club. OUTSIDE. IN. THE. WINTER. IT. WAS. SEVEN. DEGREES (F). If not for my friend Angela going, I'm sure I wouldn't have gone. Given that 30 (sometimes warmer!) is my cut-off, I wasn't quite prepared. I've read tons of things about Winter running and what to wear but I didn't really pay attention to what to wear below 20 because... That's not my thing. So, after talking to my friend to figure out what I needed, buying it, and putting it on. I went to run club. I was at least a minute slower than my already slow pace - getting used to all of the gear was a challenge in itself. However, I did a decent three miles; did not free (um, Smartwool Socks, you're the stuff of life!) and actually my head was so warm I was sweating. A lot. Most importantly; didn't die. It was an accomplishment and despite my slow pace - I'm pleased; just in the fact that I ran in seven degree weather. I also realize this gives me zero excuse to miss out on other Winter runs. It will, undoubtedly, take someone else motivating me because I am not a fan of the cold... However, I know now that it can be done, so at this point, I have no reason to miss run club.

I suppose that's about it as far as my fitness and health update.....Not much else is new. Oh!  I love bulletproof (well sort of) coffee now. I've been having that for breakfast and love the flavor the MCT oil gives the coffee. I haven't gone totally bulletproof yet because I haven't added the butter that it calls for. Maybe I'll find "grass-fed" butter at the store. Does anyone else find that term odd? I know it's the beef that's grass-fed, however the way it's written makes it sounds like the butter itself has eaten grass.  I know, I know... Who thinks of this? My brain... Welcome to it. I also haven't bought the actual Bulletproof brand of coffee yet. Guidelines say a "good" or "upgraded" coffee - whatever that is. That stuff is expensive and really, who's to know what constitutes "good" coffee. If someone would like to send me a bag of nearly $20 (per 12 ounce bag!) coffee, I'll me happy to try it. I'll even admit it if I'm proven wrong and the coffee does something that my preferred brand does not. I'll blog about the miracle that is the Bulletproof brand and how my measly grocery store brand doesn't come close to comparing. I buy pricey coffee as it is, however I don't think it's nearly that expensive! I'd have to do the math as far as the per k-cup price and ounces to see how it adds up, but I will do so if someone forces me to eat crow. Again, though; on your dime. I'm not at the point that I went to spend that much money on that little coffee - all magic and/or super powers aside.

Okay, NOW, that's it for the update on health and fitness. Life in general is going well. The holidays were a little rough bump, but got through the stress (remember both good and bad stress exists!) without much difficulty. Life as usual has resumed.

Now, to get back on track with H&C (Hammer and Chisel) and some cardio! My Dad replaced my treadmill motor so that's back up and running. Perhaps a little run is in order.  Today is not a regularly scheduled H&C day (it's actually my "off" day according to the plan), but I need to re-work my plan so I think I'm good for today. Plus my muscles haven't felt sore since Saturday, which I miss. Sometimes I crave it.  I mean, I feel like a marshmallow or some other such type of lumpy substance when  I'm not active. Not an enjoyable feeling.

Hope your holiday season has been amazing!!


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