Friday, December 29, 2017

It's Almost the New Year

I love the surge of changes that start showing up around this time. Resolutions. Goals. Whatever they are or you want to call them; now is the time.  It may be timing but some friends who have also struggled with weight loss are ready to try new things. I don't think that these are necessarily resolutions, but they're popping up around the same time which is what prompted me to think about the fact that the new year is upon us. This is the time of year that I am thrilled that I (mostly) workout at home or outside. I do think it's great that so many people start doing new, good things for themselves. Whether they're there for a month, three months, a year,or longer, they're making progress.  Sometimes people fall off the resolution train and don't go back for a long time. That's okay. It's their life. It's their health. And  maybe someday the changes will be permanent. We all struggle sometimes (exactly why I'm here, working to lose weight again). I don't care if it's January, July, or November, if you're there and you're working -- you are awesome.

 I haven't been to spin and yoga in a few months and need to get my schedule organized so that I can get back to class. With the holidays and how busy work as been, it's been hard. I need to just sit down and get it figured out and be strict with my scheduling. I'm honestly not looking forward to the influx of resolutioners but hey, even if it's crowded for a bit, I'll be glad to be back at it.  I cannot express how much I've missed class; especially yoga. Yoga at home (home-ga?) is not the same. It just isn't. It's more like a "workout" than an experience. I like the experience of the class. It's more peaceful. Savasana is SO much better with an instructor (and essential oils!) than it is listening to someone through something recorded - whether it be an app or DVD. Some are good, but it's not the same.  I've been out of yoga and spin since - AUGUST!! I injured my arm in one of the most non-athletic ways possible. I grabbed  a case of water with one and and flung it into the back of the car before a road trip. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.  A case of 16.9 ounce water bottles is heavy; too heavy to be lifting and flinging with one hand. Anyway, the best I can come up with is that I pulled a muscle or something. My symptoms were consistent with a pulled muscle. I mentioned it at my last doctor appointment but it was feeling better/starting to resolve by then so I didn't request anything for it. I've also had some chiropractic adjustments that have helped.  It can get a little sore when I'm lifting heavy but it's not bad. That's usually my sign to back off. I can do down dog and some other yoga poses without pain so I think I'm ready to go back.  It's super hard to do yoga when you can't put pressure on an arm without it screaming in pain.  So, yes, I miss it and need to get back.  I guess I will just flow in with the resolutioners.

My changes tend to come before the new year. I've noticed that December seems to be the time of year that I change. Sometimes November. When I first started losing weight and changing my lifestyle- it was December. I've bumped up my fitness around this time of year in the past too. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm not a winter fan and it's too dang cold and nasty to go anywhere. It's a lot easier to workout if you're home more often! And here I am this year... Doing the same thing. I started keto in November and got off track a little between Thanksgiving and my birthday. I'm sure I could have lost a little more weight than I have, but I'm happy with my 7 (I think 8 by now) pounds in the last month; despite the ups and downs. I like to say that I've been "loosely" following keto, with one day as a "free" day. Some people call them cheat days but I don't like that phrase. I feel like just the word "cheat" makes it seem like I'm doing something I "shouldn't" which gives it negative meaning for me. That's just me though... Everything is different for everyone. This is a largely mental game which is why there really isn't a "one size fits all" plan for weight loss. Our bodies are differently, including our brains.

In thinking about it, I realized that I'm actually following more of a carb cycling plan, with keto being the plan on my low carb days. I know that eating keto-style only on certain days doesn't actually qualify as keto because the whole point of the keto way of eating is to get into ketosis. Basically, I'm not giving a name to what I'm doing, but it definitely more on track with a carb cycling plan. I've been reading more about that and I like that there is a little more flexibility in it, and that I can change it up based on my workouts for the day. I guess I'm in the middle at this point... I like keto and obviously reducing my carb intake has been beneficial and resulted in some weight loss (after gaining and then stalling!). I plan to sit down and review what I've been doing and see about a new plan. I will likely make my low carb/keto days more frequent - maybe three, with one moderate, two more low, and then one high.....And repeat. This gives me a free day (which I'd most likely work into my schedule on Saturdays). With run club, I have dinner out. I stick to "lower" carb foods, however some of them are not that low and I like to have a Mich Ultra or two on those nights. For me, Tuesday would be the day that makes the most sense for my moderate day.  Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday seem like they'd be the easiest days to stick with low carb/keto.  If for some reason I go out on a Friday maybe that will be my high carb day and I'll stick to low carb on Saturday. We haven't been eating out on the weekend, but have ordered in sometimes. Those are definitely good days for the high carb day. I can vary the plan so that it works best for me and can vary it a little weekly, in case I need or want to change my days around. Sometimes "all keto all the time" can be hard. If I'm going to dinner with people who are eating whatever they want and having drinks.... I'm probably going to want to do the same. Depriving myself doesn't work. In fact I feel annoyed and irritable when I deprive myself of too much.  This can also lead to a binge. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes have the "all or nothing" attitude. I'm working on letting go of that thinking and just being okay with things. A more flexible plan would help with positive thinking.

I would like to be down ten pounds before my next doctor appointment, which is about a month from today. It's roughly four-and-a-half weeks. Ten pounds is very do-able and safe, however knowing my body I will be totally fine with eight. So I guess the goal is eight to ten, with ten being an awesome bonus.  If  I lose less, I'll evaluate and see if there's anything I can change or if that's just the way my body is progressing. Any loss is a good thing and honestly if I'm down five or six I'll be okay. I don't know that I can say that I'd be satisfied or happy, but I can be okay with that. I'm aiming for ten though and for me I have to focus on that.  If I say "eh five or six is okay" I might be a little more lenient on myself.  I'm a little complex in that I need structure but I also need a little flexibility within that structure.

 See? The experience is varied and personal to each of us. And? The brain; it's important. Learning about and knowing yourself is important to success.  I also know that I need to plan (anxiously awaiting my new planner, which I only just ordered!) ahead. I feel more at ease and happier when I am able to plan ahead.  I don't like chaos or disorganization when it comes to living my life.  My tendency to allow clutter to enter my small house (not enough space, I tell ya!) doesn't always reflect that. But, inside, it drives me crazy. A room in my house may feel disorganized now and then, which is an easy fix. When my life seems disorganized; I don't feel so great and it's harder to stay (or get back) on track. 

With that, before I close...

My 2018 goals:

1. Run 3 half marathons (minimum)
2. Continue to lose weight and reach my goal
3. Declutter and better organization
4. Actually follow that cool money saving plan that everyone shares this time of year. I always think it looks neat and think "oooooh I'm going to do that." I never do it. Remembering to plan it and do it... Good (and fun!) goal.
5. Improve my running pace. Yes, fartleks will have to happen.
6. Work more on self-care.  I don't do this enough. Step one - getting back to yoga.

See you in the new year!!


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  1. I had stopped reading blogs a while back when my position at work changed no longer allowing me time to write posts or read/comment on other blogs. I just now realized that I can get back to the blogging community. I missed it much more than I realized. I had always enjoyed reading yours because you are always very detailed and honest. I think I will be starting up a new blog soon. If anything, just to have a journal to keep track of my thoughts and goals.