Thursday, March 7, 2019

On Track... Sorta.

After my last post, I was feeling energized and got on track with being healthy again. Then I got sick and it's lingering. I think I'm well enough to get back into working out again, but now that I've been out of it I'm having a hard time starting again. I just cannot seem to get into it.  I hate how it's so easy to get out of a routine but so hard to get back into it.  I need to. And now that I'm feeling better I feel like I want to.  I just need to get back into the routine and hopefully stick there.

I did buy some healthier things to meal prep and cook, so that's a plus.  I also need to get my planner out again.  UGH.... WHY is it so hard to get into the routine again? I have some new markers and a bullet journal, so I think I'll make some fun, motivating pages in that, in addition to using my planner for workouts and meals.  I'm also coming up with some new reward ideas and am actually going to reward myself this time.

I've been busy and not taking as much time for me and things I need to do again. I decided to go through a bunch of my old clothes and start on other household projects, which are necessary, but are also taking priority over my self-care. I'm horrible at self-care, and really need to get back on track with that.

I need a re-set and to feel rejuvenated. I honestly think I need a little vacation. Somewhere warm and sunny because this Winter has been a long one up here in the North.  We'll see.... I have other things to do and should prioritize spending money on as well.

Adulting... Blah.

Anyway, I'm feeling better and am ready to get back on track - AGAIN - with being healthy and losing weight. I'm even considering doing WW again.  We shall see what my brainstorming session brings....

Not much of an update, I know.  Such is life, I suppose...