Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Eight Months!

When I saw my last blog post date, I considered waiting for a day to post this. So that it would be eight months to the date. However, if I were to do that, this post may not happen. So here, I am, one day shy of an eight month update.

Much has happened since March. I have been back and forth with getting healthy and not so much.  I have made several attempts to get back into the flow of things but I've lacked consistency and motivation. I became complacent (again) while having this internal battle about how I really SHOULD be doing better.  I think I started C25K a couple times. I tried the keto thing, then scratched it. I tried healthier eating, which I've actually done better with. I've been cooking more, which is an improvement in itself. I have been back to meal planning and when grocery shopping, I'm only buying things that are on my list. These are to cook the meals that I've planned. I keep some things on hand but I'm not buying any junk and am going out to eat less, overall.  I was out of town last weekend so that obviously changed things, but since Monday I've been back on track and it's felt great.

Last week I joined a new Yoga studio and am taking classes again. My goal is three a week depending on my schedule. Both this week and last week, I'll be making it to two class. I think I can work it so that next week I reach my goal of three. It feels good to be working toward that goal and going back to a class again. I definitely missed it, and although it's early, I'm loving it. The studio owner/teacher is wonderful. She offers a variety of classes and workshops. My previous yoga teacher moved and I was super bummed! I wasn't sure I'd connect as well with another yoga teacher. Luckily Tammy opened her studio and it's been a perfect fit! I went to a workshop last week that just really put me into the right frame of mind and helped me step-up my self-care; to make it more than just an attempt. I seem to be in the right state of mind this time. I suppose after over a year, I've finally got my motivation back and feel ready to really get back on track. All of the old, bad stuff has slowly moved away.  It was a good time to get back into yoga because the workshop really helped me open up to the fact that it was time to get back to my self-care so that I can be happy on all levels.  I've been happy with most aspects of life, but there are clearly some pieces of me that I need to work on again. And this all started last week, before my latest motivator...

…When I was out of town this weekend, my boyfriend proposed!!! Looking the best I can for my wedding is going to be a big motivator!

I think that's the best way to close! I've updated and shared my fantastic news!!! Here's to "sweating for the wedding!"