I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies that manufacture the products that I post about. I have received no compensation for discussing their products. I'm just a girl talking about what I love!

If an opportunity for such compensation should arise, I'll indicate that in my post!

I am in no way affiliated with the people I discuss in my posts. I'm not receiving any compensation for promoting them or their products. I just like to talk about the people I admire and who give me motivation toward my success. I like to connect with others who have similar views and stories....Anyone associated with health and fitness (or my other interests), really.

I am not an "expert."  I'm a regular person who has decided to share her journey with the world. I know what's worked for me, what's worked for others I've interacted with, and have done a lot of research. I share my opinions as well as facts I've found. However, I'm not, at this point, a professional in the field of health and wellness. That is one of the goals I'm working toward!

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