Runner Spotlight!


Angela is one of my good friends, I've known her for years! She was always tall and thin. I didn't think she ever had to worry about her weight.  She decided that she was feeling like she needed to lose some weight.  She cleaned up her eating and started exercising.  In doing so, Angela fell in love with running. Through her efforts, she lost somewhere around 40 pounds (last I knew!). Another cool fact - Angela's first step in getting healthy was when she quit smoking!!! 

When she got to where she wanted to be, Angela kept going.  She ran because she loved it.  As a friend, I can tell you that Angela is one of the strongest, most determined women I know. She continued running because she loved it, but she also has worked hard to improve her running. She's worked on her speed, endurance, and overall performance.  She has been dedicated to her health throughout the process. 

Angela runs races; lots of races.  She's a half marathoner. She runs under 10 minute miles - in the nine minute range and in the eight minute range. She runs with one of the most bad-ass groups of running ladies in our area.  Every single one of them push; themselves and one another.  Confession: I'm super jealous that I'm not fast enough to run with that group! Hopefully someday! 

Angela is someone who will never stop trying to improve herself. She constantly competes with her self (and sometimes others). She pushes herself not only in running but in life.

Angela is a wife and a mother. Her family means everything to her.  She is a nurse (and a dang good one!). She is always doing what she can not only to better herself, but to better her life for her family. In addition to running, working out, managing a family (well, co-managing with her awesome husband Jesse), and working full-time, Angela is back in college. She's working to get an advanced nursing degree! 

Angela is someone who I am proud to call a friend... She is truly an inspiration!

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