Who Am I?

I’m pretty sure that my very brief intro on my main page isn’t nearly enough to explain who I am. Of course it isn’t. I can’t possibly sum myself up in a few short sentences.

So here are the basics… I’m 31. Single (as in not married). I have no children, but have two amazing dogs who are probably treated better than some children are. Sad for those kids, but good for my babies. I live in a tiny-ass town because this is where I landed a job after college. It’s not far from home and it’s been a good place to start. But now I’m ready to go out there and take the world by storm. I’m a city girl at heart and a move to the Chicagoland area is on the horizon….Hopefully not too far away.

I’ve recently flourished into someone that was buried inside of a fat girl for far too long. The girl who was quiet, shy, and insecure is disappearing. The girl who’s fun, exciting, talks a lot, and is confident (sometimes too much) is emerging.  I finally feel like the person I was meant to be.

By education and occupation I’m a Social Worker. I have a BSW and MSW (bachelor and master of Social Work). I will utilize my skills somewhere in life but working in a typical setting isn’t where i see myself…Anymore.

I want to combine what I’ve learned through my weight loss journey (which by the way is a new way of living my fabulous life) and my professional skills. I want to help others who are lost. I want to help those who are hiding who they really are and want to be because they’re afraid to be who they were meant to be. I want to work with those who struggle just to look at themselves in the mirror… Whether they live with obesity or anorexia, I want to help people find the healthy selves that are inside of them. I plan to take this journey that I’ve been on (from the start) and use it to help inspire others. If I can do this, others can do this too.

When I reach my goal weight and desired level of fitness, I’m going to get my personal trainer certification. I may even take some more college classes and get some kind of a degree in nutrition… Whether it’s another bachelors or I just take classes for my own knowledge, it’ll be something. I feel that in order to really work with people in the way that I’d like, I need to be educated in not only social work, but those areas as well. As a MSW I am able to do the therapy, but that’s only one piece of it. Just like (for many) eating healthy and exercising are only pieces of the puzzle.

In addition to this, I’m considering writing a book, memoir-style. A former teacher told my parents that I have a gift for writing…That with further development of my skills, I could be a successful writer. I was in eighth grade. I love to write. I love details. What better to write about than a detailed account of where I’ve been and where I’m going…In a way that just might inspire someone else to get healthy.

Through this blog you’ll learn more about who I am, and what has made me into the person that I am today. I’ll blog about the good and the bad. You’ll probably think “OMG…What is up with this girl? Did she really just blog that?” at times. At other times you might relate to some of what I’ve been through. I hope you’ll laugh. You might even cry. But, please, don’t feel sorry for me… Some of what I’ve been through is ugly. Some of it was a secret and hidden inside of me for longer than it should have been.

I’m quite sure that this is long enough…

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